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Videos Being Shared

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Simply upload your video and link it to a viral video. Everywhere the viral video goes so does yours.

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introduce your brand to the right audience and grow your business.

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Attract, and engage millions of viewers. We are, your advertising solution.

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Cash Giveaway

Simply upload your video and link it to a viral video. branding and product engagement.

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The New Way To Share Video

You’ve done all the hard work creating. Save time and money using our service! Try it free.

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1. Upload Your AD & Link Youtube Video.

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2. Preview AD & Youtube Video.

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Every time the video is shared, your video is shown first, followed by the viral video.

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3. Share Your Video.

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2. Preview AD & Youtube Video.

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More Brand Exposure
  • Adspace Player is a really awesome platform where you can showcase your personal or business brand. You get the freedom to promote your business by creating personalized page for your account. Here are some of the cool features provided by Adspace Player

  • Build your personalized pages for promotion

    The personalized page can be anything, your personal page or business page. You get the freedom to customize the page according to your needs.

  • Upload & share your videos on Adspace player platform

    Video promotion is one of the most important marketing tool nowadays. Adspace Player gives you an opportunity to upload & share your videos for complete free.

  • Upload & share your music album

    The music artist can upload & share their music album for free. You can create music albums and upload tracks.

  • Image Gallery

    You can upload your personal or business portfolio photos to showcase on Adspace Player.

  • Showcase your Store Links

    You get the freedom to share iTunes, Google PlayStore & Amazon store link on your personalized page.

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    Increase Reach More Users
  • Embed showcase video

    Do you have introduction video of your business? No problem! We also provide a place on personalized page to embed & showcase your business video.

  • Upload custom cover photo for your profile

    Beautify your personalized page by uploading a custom cover photo which adds your business flavor to your personalized page.

  • Gift your friends/loved ones money

    By using Adspace player you can easily send/transfer money to your friends, family or closed persons. OR send gift payment to artist.

  • Copy link for sharing.

    Once click copy your profile link to easily share or embed on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

  • Share your personalized page with the world

    Use our sharing button to instantly share your personalized page with the world. Many popular social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. are included.

  • Adspace Player includes almost everything required to promote your business. What are you waiting for? Sign-up today, and start your business promotion right away.

  • More than 50,000 Ads are shared and promoted each month!

    Used by millions of artist & small businesses.
    To The Top!